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Britannica’s resources are as versatile as you need to be. Our teaching and learning solutions are shaped to fit the individual needs of today’s students, educators, librarians and knowledge seekers, everywhere.

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Integrated K-12 curriculum tools that your teachers and students can depend on to make learning more personal and exciting.

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Higher Education

Support your students and scholars with one of the most authoritative research reference databases in the world.

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Public Libraries

Helping you bring the world’s knowledge to your community.

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Fact-checked information at your fingertips, at home and on the go!

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Trusted by more than 150 million students and educators in over 83 countries

Join schools, libraries and educational bodies around the world using Britannica resources to transform learning.

Editorial Richness

Vetted content unmatched in breadth, quality and authority.

Technological Strength

Tools available on demand, on any device, wherever you go.

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Our friendly team is always on hand to help.


Simple setup and seamless integration

We work with our partners to ensure an effortless fit across your existing systems.

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Your latest dose of inspiration from our best experts in education.

Education Insights

We reflect on an eventful year of sweeping change and remarkable resilience.

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Share the smarts about sun safety this summer with scintillating activities from Britannica!

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Help your patrons learn about Australia's role in wars and conflicts using Britannica Library.

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Primary School
Middle School

Throughout Australia's history, war has had and continues to have a significant impact on its people and society.

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